10 reasons to play golf

Golf (from English golf) is a male Olympic sport in which individual participants or teams try to drive a small ball by hitting clubs into special holes. What is important, the ball must be rolled into the hole in fewer strokes.

Have you ever picked up a club and hit the golf course before? Do you think golf is a boring and slow game? You are wrong in many ways. Golf is a very interesting and entertaining game. It unites different people according to age categories, without distinguishing between gender and class characteristics.

1. Age is not an obstacle to the game.

Don’t be prejudiced just because the game is slow doesn’t mean that only retirees play golf. Although there are a lot of those who want to play. Golf has no age limit. Among the players there are both 70-year-olds and 5-year-olds. You can develop your addiction at any time.

2. Golf is a universal game.

Throughout history, golf has conquered millions of people. In addition, it remains the only sport that can be played throughout life.

It should be noted that golf includes entertainment, sports and outdoor recreation in the bosom of nature. Do not forget that golf is marked by honesty and nobility.

3. Golf is a joy for the soul.

Golf has spread widely throughout America and Western Europe. In most cases, it has become a lifestyle. And it is gaining momentum on the territory of Ukraine.

4. Playing golf is good.

Many doctors note that golf is a very useful sport: the development of muscle mass occurs at a low load, which leads to gradual fatigue. The ideal workout is walking, which is a big part of the game of golf.

5. Golf is subject to every person.

This can be called a family hobby, because not only adults, but also children can play golf.

6. The game increases the circle of acquaintances.

Golf is often preferred for corporate meetings. The game helps to rally the team in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. At the same time, the game reveals the character of a person. Because golf involves justice and mutual assistance.

7. Golf is a break-even sport.

There is an opinion that golf is a game of aristocrats. However, this is easily refuted. Since everyone can play, and financial influences are not dimensionless. Costs are foreseen in each sport. At the same time, in golf they are one-time: clubs are bought once and can last more than 20 years, the club fee is one-time. Although even the game set can be bought in parts. The longer in the game, the cheaper it costs you.

8. Equality during the game.

Only in golf can a champion and a beginner be put against each other. At the same time, by showing an excellent game and skills, everyone can win.

9. Club membership benefits.

If you become a member of one club once, you automatically acquire membership in other clubs around the world.

10. You can play at any time.

You can play golf any time as long as it’s light. It is impossible to describe the emotions after hitting the ball. You can fall in love with golf from the first step on the course, or you can not taste its taste after a few months. The main thing is not to forget that golf is an exciting outdoor game among intelligent people.