Parker vs Flores

Alexander Flores: Joseph Parker himself admitted that he hit below the belt

American heavyweight Alexander Flores, who recently suffered an early defeat from former WBO champion Joseph Parker, said that his opponent won thanks to the constant violations of the rules that occurred with the connivance of the New Zealand referee.

“I heard that in pre-match interviews, Joseph talked about the intention to hit me in the balls and work with elbows, but I thought he was referring to what was happening in the fight against Dillian Whyte, and did not expect him to use this tactic against me,” Flores said. – I have never been a dirty boxer, so in preparation for this fight it did not occur to me to train actions when hitting the groin or pushing the forearm to the face. After reading the publications, I now understand that this was all planned. Before the start of the bout, the referee clearly indicated the belt line below which hits were prohibited. At the beginning of the fight, I noticed that he was hitting below the belt and tried to draw the attention of the referee to this. I can’t tell you how many punches he landed, but it happened all the time during exchanges at close range… After several such punches, the referee warned him in the corner. After this warning, he immediately gave me a hard blow in the groin. I dropped my arm to cover that area and then he knocked me down with a punch that I never recovered from. Even when I was shocked, I did not understand why the referee did not pay attention to Parker’s actions. Such a blow should have resulted in a disqualification or deduction of a point and giving me extra time to recover.”

“Low blows can be a big problem because when you get hit in the groin all the time, you have to defend more area,” Flores added. “Someone says low blows didn’t matter because Parker ended the fight with a legal punch. But these people obviously have never been knocked down and have not tried to recover from it. I did not have time to recover from the knockdown, which was the result of a blow below the belt. Joe quickly swooped down on me and landed the punches that ended the fight… I heard that Joseph admitted that he landed low blows, which is already enough to declare the fight a no contest. His excuse is that it is the referee’s job to notice and deal with such blows. You might as well say that the police should not let you steal.”

Joseph Parker appreciated the capabilities of Alexander Flores

Former world heavyweight champion New Zealander Joseph Parker will have his next fight in his homeland against American Alexander Flores. Parker assessed the capabilities of his opponent, as well as his chances of winning.

“I cannot fully evaluate my opponent, as there are not so many videos of his fights. I know that he is young and has a good track record. He will come to the ring not just to serve the number, but intends to beat me to take a step forward in his career. He has a decent percentage of early wins and I heard in several interviews that he promised to knock me out. This turn of events makes our confrontation more interesting. I think an interesting fight awaits us, ”Parker shared.

Alexander Flores had nineteen fights in the professional ring, in seventeen of them he came out the winner, fifteen of which he finished ahead of schedule. It also has one draw and one defeat. As for Parker, he lost his last two fights, and the fight against Flores will be his comeback after the victory, over which he intends to return to the top of world boxing.