Trump came to UFC 244.

Donald Trump is a martial arts fan.

He organized the fights himself, created the promotion, and also helped the UFC develop from the very beginning.

Organization President Dana White called to vote for Trump in the elections, and now Donald has arrived in New York for one of the most high-profile tournaments of the year – UFC 244. There, the US President was booed, but he seems to be pleased.

“No matter what you think of Trump as president, this guy is a bad asshole,” Masvidal said before the fight with Nate Diaz. The fighters fought for the BMF belt – the main asshole.

Dana White called Trump at UFC 245 in Las Vegas, the final tournament of the year, but this event could not be entered into the president’s schedule: “We recently had dinner at the White House, Trump said:“ I will come to New York. I said, “Oh my God, that would be cool.” And he asked to come on December 14, but New York was the only place he could visit. And he kept his word.”

So Donald ended up at UFC 244 and saw Jorge calling him win the BMF title. Trump reacted to this with irony: he himself retweeted Masvidal’s words and signed them – “Great fight, champion.”

But the appearance of Trump at sporting events in the United States is not always welcome on the part of the fans. Before UFC 244, he dropped in on a baseball game between Washington and Houston, and when Trump’s image appeared on the screen, the audience booed him, chanting “Jail him!”

The exit at UFC244 also turned out to be ambiguous. Some yelled presidential slogans and held up “Trump 2020 Make America Great” signs, and some gave Donald the middle fingers.

“Anyway, this is America. You can believe or do whatever you want. If you want to scream “Boo”, then you can do it. As an American, you can choose either side,” White said.

Dana himself chose Trump’s side a long time ago. In the 2000s, Donald helped the UFC financially.

“He saw the potential in MMA, was the first to invest in the industry. He offered to fight at his venues, we did it at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City,” White said.

Thanks to Trump, three tournaments were held: UFC 28, UFC 30 and UFC 31. Therefore, White was one of those who called for voting for Donald before the presidential election, and went to UFC 244 with him.

“I felt like I wanted to go out with Trump. He told me that he would come to watch the fights, and he came. I appreciate it. It was a big night for the sport. I’ve been out of this tunnel for 20 years in a row, but I’ve never seen anything quite like that night. I will not forget this madness,” White said after the tournament in New York.

Trump was pleased too.

“Going out with Dana to the big UFC fight at Madison Square Garden yesterday was a bit like the Trump Rally. A large number of MAGA & KAG (Trump supporters’ slogans – approx.). Magnificent energy. Fantastic job!” Trump wrote.